What is Nam Prik?

A New Kind of Chili Hot Sauce That Hurts So Good!

Nam Prik (pronounced: nam - preek, literally "fluid chili") brings the exotic spice of the street to your kitchen table. A remarkable blend of authentic Asian flavor, strong aromatic components, and a spicy edge. GET PRIK'D and experience a sensational flavor that just "hurts so good."
  • Fire and flavor, together at last
  • Drizzle, dip, or dab for some Asian sensation on rice, roasted meats, eggs, and tacos
  • Let your imagination (and taste buds) run wild!

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Nam Prik Sauce


9oz. bottle

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Retail Locations

      VONS (Koreatown) - Los Angeles

      Aisle 1 (Asian)

      VONS (Culver City) - Los Angeles

      Aisle 8 (Asian) <> Aisle 9 (Condiments)

      VONS (Sunset Blvd) - Los Angeles

      Aisle 17 (Asian)

      VONS (Broadway) - Santa Monica

      Aisle 3 (Asian)

      VONS (Los Feliz Blvd) - Glendale

      Aisle 15 (Asian)

      VONS (Torrance Crossroads) - Torrance

      Aisle 6 (Condiments) <> Aisle 7 (Asian)

      VONS (Chapman) - Garden Grove

      Aisle 1 (Condiments)

      VONS (E. Colorado) - Pasadena

      Aisle 3 (Asian)

      VONS (East Village) - Long Beach

      Aisle 6 (Meat & Poultry Section)

      VONS (Harbor Blvd) - Costa Mesa

      Aisle 12 (Asian)

      Albertsons (Alton Pkwy) - Irvine

      Aisle 1 (Asian)

      Urban Radish - Los Angeles

      Monsieur Marcel (The Grove) - Los Angeles

      Biergarten (Koreatown) - Los Angeles

      Fuego Box (Mid Wilshire) - Los Angeles

      The Butchery (Brea) - Brea

      Element 29 Market - Culver City

      Ashley's Deli - Hermosa Beach

      Select Beer Store - Redondo Beach

      3Ten Liquor - Torrance

      MADE - Long Beach

      Stateside Crafts - Long Beach

      The Butchery (Costa Mesa) - Costa Mesa

      Liquor Warehouse - Huntington Beach

      Surf City Fish Grill - Huntington Beach

      Alta Baja Market - Santa Ana

      The Butchery (Del Mar) - Del Mar (San Diego)

      Tears of Joy - Austin, TX

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Everything you wanted to know about Nam Prik but were afraid to ask

      What is in Nam Prik?

      Nam Prik is made from Fish Sauce (Anchovy extract, water, salt), Distilled Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Garlic, Chili, Less than 2% of: Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Potassium Sorbate (preservative).

      Contains: Fish (anchovy)

      What are the Nutritional Facts about Nam Prik?


      Nam Prik in the News

      "The flavor is bright without being mouth-numbing, with a zing that will widen your eyes but not make them water. You may feel the need to put it on fried rice, scrambled eggs, tacos, avocado toast — even potato chips. Could this be the new Sriracha? Maybe so."

      Los Angeles Times, April 2, 2016


      Nam Prik is the most versatile Asian hot sauce you'll find.
      Here is a sampling of some things you can do with it. Use your imagination!

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